SCF - Chaabane Brothers Society

The Chaabane Brothers Society (SCF) is the first subsidiary of Chaabane Group whose services are at the heart of the group's activity. Founded in 1990, the company supports the realization of construction projects from A to Z.

Accredited with a State Approval to be classified in category 05 unlimited, the Chaabane Brothers Society is authorized to execute all types of projects in the sector of building and public works.

With 30 years of experience, SCF relies, in its work, on the other subsidiaries of Chaabane Group and on the presence of 2500 suppliers. Placed today among the leaders in the public and private building markets, SCF offers you the best of its services in terms of buildings, roads and utilities, hydraulic projects, etc.

The Elite Society of Real-Estate Development

The Elite Society of Real-Estate Development is a subsidiary of Chaabane Group whose mission is to realize and sell residences especially high class ones in luxury areas.

In operation since 1999, The Elite Society of Real-Estate Development selects for you the house adapted to your wishes. With a young and dynamic team, the company offers you perfect residences in terms of esthetics and functionality.

So, if you dream of a prestigious residence in chic neighborhoods with affordable prices, all you have to do is to select The Elite Society of Real-Estate Development.

Chaabane Brothers for Concrete

The manufacture and sale of ready-mixed concrete in Chaabane Group is handled by the subsidiary Chaabane Brothers for Concrete. In operation since the year 2000, the company takes care to meet your technical and aesthetic needs and to bring you the optimal solution for your construction projects.

The ready-mixed concrete service is the ideal choice for construction workers looking for a considerable time saving, a better organization of their work and a labor-saving.

With Chaabane Brothers for Concrete, you will receive the quantity of concrete you need, where you need without noise nor residues on the site. Our team allows you to benefit not only from a service of concrete production and transport but especially from a product in conformity with the standards and an effective technical assistance.

SCFT - Chaabane Brothers Society of Transport

In the construction and public works sector, which says Safety of transport and Speed of delivery, says Chaabane Brothers Society of Transport. Since 2003, the subsidiary of Chaabane Group has been in charge of transporting goods and quarry materials.

With a large fleet of more than a hundred trucks, vehicles and road tractors, Chaabane Brothers Society of Transport allows you to carry out your transport missions in favorable conditions.

Being in very good condition, our vehicle fleet is the efficient solution for companies that want to benefit from fast and secure deliveries.

CMCS - Southern Counter of Construction Materials

A source of a wide variety of building materials is the Southern Counter of Construction Materials, a subsidiary of Chaabane Group.

Created in 2004, CMCS is not only the group’s largest supplier of building materials, but also the ideal provider for many companies and individuals operating in the construction and public works sector.

Cements, bricks, gravel and many other materials appear in our well-selected collection to satisfy all your needs. Innovation and standards compliance are key to our success in the marketplace. The good reputation of the CMCS with our customers is the bright proof of that.